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How to get to Patra

The best way is to take a bus from Kifissos Coach Station (also known as Kifisos International Bus Station). Buses go every 30 minutes, but there is a break in a night. Their exact schedule is here. The ticket costs 18,90€, with a greek student pass 14,20€. They don't want to accept international students cards (ISIC ect.).  The journey takes three hours on normal bus, and the express bus takes two hours and a half. The bus can make one stop at the beginning  of Patra, however Patra Bus Station is ussually last one and the only one stop.

If you arrive by plane, you will take bus num. x93 to Kifissos Station. The bus stop is situated directly in front of right exit of air port building. Student tickets for 2,50€, normal one 5€, you must to buy it in a kiosk at the stop. It should be possible to buy it from a driver as well, but is it more expensive. Kifissos station is a last bus stop, it takes around 45 - 50 minutes to get there. x93 has 24-hour service, if you need to know exact times, check it here .

Προβολή μεγαλύτερου χάρτη

How to get from and to your residence

From bus station in Patra go up. Follow the added map, at the corner, near Georgia Square, is a bus stop. You will take num. 6. Nevertheless, not all buses number 6 have the same destination. Pay attention if there is written ΠΑΝΕΠΙΣΤΙΜΙΟ in front of the bus. The ΠΑΝΕΠΙΣΤΙΜΟΙ means "university", you are going to use this word many times;) These buses go often in woking days, less in weekends. Again, buy your tickets at some kiosk, one costs 1,10€ for one journey. Also, all stops of city buses in Greece are request-stops. So you must make a sign by your hand that you want get up and push a button to get down. 

The address of Sychaina Residence alias Small Estia is Korydalleos 42 (κορυδαλλεωσ 42). We recomend you to take a taxi for first time. It is around 5€. When you go by bus, it is behind a market Kronos and a farmacy and before a gas station, the turn up.