Small Estia


As an Erasmus student you have been probably offered to chose between two residences. 

Options are Small Estia, also called Sychaina Residence in your Housing Application Form. Thic college/residence is situated between university area and city centre of Patras. There is a regular bus, going every 10 minutes in working days. If you prefer walking it takes around 30 - 40 minutes to university and around one hour to the centre.  There is a supermarket to buy whatever you may need, some fast food places are very close to small estia's location, where it is possible to grab some quick lunch/dinner at good prices. Opposite to the residence there is a primary school with available volleyball and basketball playground.

The rent mothly costs 200Euros for single room and 248Euros for double (124E each person). Ussually girls have priority to get single room, specially with inside bathroom. Although every room has assigned a private bathroom, some bedrooms have it inside the room, meanwhile some others are located outside, and next to the rooms, and rooms are usually given in order of application. The price includes accomodation, water, electricity and internet. Unforunatelly, internet connection is not enough powerfull when the residence is full of students. The building it is an old and not luxurios, but confortable. Every room has a microwave oven, and a fridge, and there is a tiny kitchen for everybody to cook something.

The administratot of the building is Lucas, a nice man. However, if you make too noise in a night, he will be called be neighbours to stop you. Despite this, Small Estia is traditional place of erasmus parties. 


New Estia


Second option is New Estia  (new Resicence - Kastellokampos), it is very modern building  with original desing and everything you need for your comfortable stay. Every room has a small kitchen and bathroom, internet connection without problems. There is a common space with big flat television in firts floor and dinning room, cookers, waschine-machines in the suteren. 

If you stay here, you will be only a few minute walk from a beach. It will take around 20 minutes to university on foot. There is a train stop for local train to the city center one per hour. On the other hand, the railway is next to the residence, so you can be disturbed by around going train. The nearest bus stop is 10 minutes far. The building has a 24hr. administrator (-no party inside!).

You can take a rest on grass, under trees in the residence yard. Rent for moth is from 150 to 220 Euros. Official website of the residence is .

Private Accomodation

You can also get a private accomodation. Ussually a rent costs around 200 Euros per month for one-room house or room in a studio. If you want to share a big house, it ranges 150 - 200 Euros mothly per person at the centre. They often want you to rent it for one year. Don`t forget to pay attention if the house is furnitured.

These prices are for your orientation, of course you can find higher or lower, worse or better offers. Check advertisements at